Do you know anythin...

Do you know anything about them?  


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29/10/2022 3:14 pm  

Hi, I was recently told about wooden blinds. Do you know anything about them?

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30/10/2022 3:12 am  

Hi, yes, I too have been researching information about these blinds recently. In fact, I am planning to buy Calgary blinds and window coverings . They are hand-woven from versatile cane, grass and wood, woven wooden blinds are available in many styles and controls, turning sunlight into an exciting design statement. Decorators have discovered the unspoilt beauty of natural accents. This delicate, aesthetic brings the balance of the natural world into your home, connecting you to the colours and textures of the landscape. The perfect window dressing for bohemian, rustic or shebby-chic designs.

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30/10/2022 5:19 am  

I've never heard of them. I'm leaning more towards the option of simple monochrome curtains.

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