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Finding the perfect images to convey emotion  


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25/08/2023 12:07 pm  

Hi forum members, I'm facing a small problem - I need to find suitable images for a web project that aims to raise awareness of social issues. In particular, I need images that will help convey emotion and evoke a strong sense of awareness of the topic of poverty. Maybe someone has experience or recommendations?

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25/08/2023 2:07 pm  

Hi, this sounds like an important project. I would recommend paying attention to photo stocks such as Depositphotos. There you can often find high quality and in-depth poverty images that accurately convey the right emotions. Try searching for keywords related to poverty, inequality, social justice, etc. Also pay attention to photos that capture life situations that can help your audience feel close to the issue.

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05/09/2023 5:59 pm  

In the visual realm, finding the perfect images to convey emotion is an art in itself. It's about capturing that fleeting moment, that unspoken feeling, and translating it into a single frame. Each image has the power to tell a story, to evoke empathy, and to connect with viewers on a deep, emotional level. Whether you're a business listed on KOEK, a platform designed to bridge the gap between Seychelles' businesses and potential customers, or an artist searching for the ideal image to convey your message, the visual language speaks volumes. Just as KOEK aims to connect businesses directly with their clients, images connect us with the essence of the moment, making them a powerful tool in the world of communication and marketing.

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