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I'm looking for a partner  


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25/11/2022 11:26 pm  

Hi, I'm a bisexual and I'm looking for a partner. I'm looking for someone who can accept me as I am. I want to find someone who is not judgmental and accepts me for who I am. I also want someone who can accept my kids because they are part of me too.

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25/11/2022 11:57 pm  

Dating sites are a great way to meet people, but for bisexual people, it can be difficult to sift through all of the straight and gay options. The main thing is to just be open with yourself and honest about who you are—then, you'll have a much easier time finding your perfect match!

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26/11/2022 12:40 am  

Everyone can find a couple on  . They are an online dating site that allows you to find a couple or have a threesome. This can be very beneficial for people who are bisexual or into swinging couples. It is also great for people who have never tried this before and want to start with a smaller group of people.

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