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25/03/2023 4:17 pm  

Hey folks. So I got accepted into a Bachelor’s of Computing Science program as a mature student and I’m starting next September. In that time I have to get to the British Columbia Pre-Calc 12 and Foundations 12 level. I don’t need to complete the courses, I just need to “be there” so to speak. I have a Masters degree and did some stats years ago but haven’t touched it in a while. Going through Kahn Academy I seem to be in the grade 10-11 level (parabolas, early trig). I’m a quick learner when I have a tutor and really need help getting myself organized and started and on a program.

Can anyone recommend me a tutor or online program? The online courses here are craaaaaazy expensive so I’d rather spend $1200-1400 on a tutor than on some bullshit self-directed online classes.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks all!

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26/03/2023 5:23 pm  

Hello to all users of this forum! I can help you find a good tutor or online school. In my opinion, everyone has difficulties with math. If you also have such difficulties, I recommend you Brighterly online school. This online school will help your child learn difficult topics. If your child is having trouble then go to kids site teachers will help your child. I think I have helped you with your question.

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