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Printers for College Students?
college-printerAs a college student, you will quickly notice the expenses piling up fast. Financial tips can pay great dividends if adopted. When deciding what is necessary and what is not, printers seem to quickly find their way into focus. While the world is rapidly becoming more digital and less hard copy, much of the world still operates with hard copies. How badly will you need a printer (or printer/scanner combo)? A good printer can be several hundred dollars, and a cheap printer may be around fifty dollars. Do you bring a printer or do you rely on the college and surrounding area to support your needs? Some items to consider:

There will be ways to print your papers out on campus. The library will allow you to print things out, and if you are in the dorms, the dorm computer lab will also have this functionality. However, if you are living off campus, this will become significantly harder for you, and if you are a busy student, it can be harder to find the time to get things printed than you might think. Think about where your day takes you. Will you need to go significantly out of your way to get your printing taken care of? If so, it might be worth your while to bring a printer to college with you. First, get to know your professor. Read the course syllabus thoroughly so you understand what is expected of you. Locate your professor’s office and ask about office hours. If you have questions about an assignment, check in with your professor long before the due date. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Does your college have a student academic learning center? Find out what resources are available for ESL students. Do they have a specialist of some kind? If so, learn the proper way to solicit help.

Your school probably has a diversity office. If you ever have a cultural misunderstanding with another student or professor, check with a diversity official.

printer for collegePrinters are getting cheaper over time, and you will find that getting a printer is no longer such a luxury. Even a cheap printer can set you back when you are trying to count pennies, and that is not including the ink replacements. A printer that runs out of ink may be a printer that needs to be tossed, especially if you purchased a cheap one. In some cases, it is Writingassignment cheaper to replace the machine than the ink cartridge! If you decide to skip the printer, you still need to think about paying for printing. Most locations have a price per page, and in most cases, it is deducted from your student account. If you do your printing at a public library, they will have their own set up to take payment. On the whole, it is cheaper to get your printer done on a public machine than to buy your own printer.

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