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Wrong Setting of Goals and Objectives in a Thesis
The purpose of the study is the predicted result, what the author is striving for. Only one goal is allowed in the thesis. Tasks are the stages of achieving the goal, its breakdown into components that will gradually reveal the topic. There may be several tasks, but all of them must be related to the topic, content and purpose of the work.
There are situations when students confuse the goal and objectives with each other. This is one of the most common and gross mistakes.
The object and subject are confused
These categories are confused in 80% of cases. It is important for the student to understand that the object is a broader concept, on the example of which the study is being conducted. A subject is a part of an object that describes the main properties and actually sets the boundaries of the question under study: what aspects of the object will be studied, etc.
Inconsistency between literature sources and the degree of study of the topic
In the introductory part, the author should indicate what works formed the basis of the study. It is important that they are reflected in the literature and are related to the topic under consideration. Here it is important to clarify how deep the analysis of the literature should be. In some works, a simple enumeration is sufficient, while in others a thorough review is required.
Excessive copying from other WRCs on a chosen topic
It is often difficult or lazy for students to write an introductory part, so they prefer to copy it from other similar projects. In this case, they do not take into account a number of factors: a different research method, literacy of presentation, relevance may be lost or not properly justified. Moreover, excessive copying reduces not only the quality of the work, but also its uniqueness.
Incorrect formatting and presentation of the text
The introduction, as part of the graduation project, must comply with the approved design requirements: methodological recommendations. The same design rules apply here as in the main part. Their observance must be mandatory and unshakable.
Inconsistency between the introduction and content (plan) of the work
In the introduction, the author outlines the main points of the study, reflecting the stages of its implementation. It is important that they coincide with the approved plan, and also do not violate the structure and content of the WRC.
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