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What better way to kick off the New Year than at one of the biggest shows of the year – CES! More information at the link elderberry plant identification .The Mobile Apps team will be there in full force alongside the mascot, struttin’ his stuff down the Vegas Strip! Which now gives you the chance to win!

Starting Wednesday, will make his way out into the hot sun of Vegas for three days making appearances at different locations. We’ll be Tweeting updates and pics, but we’d love to see YOUR pics! Share them over Twitter with the hashtag by Friday at midnight – and we’ll pick one winner to receive a iPod touch!!
So start searching and start snapping – and we’ll see you at CES!!Today’s consumer is mobile---in every sense of the word! The on-the-go lifestyle no longer applies just to corporate jetsetters---with the world at their fingertips, people in all walks of life now manage their day-to-day activities on their smartphones and tablets. And your customers are no different! The question is---how do you keep up?!

Did You Know?
Speech-enabling YOUR mobile app makes you---and your customers---more productive! Speaking text is up to five times faster than typing! So when you’re out in the field on your next customer sales meeting, just think---wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly speak the orders just received into your mobile device and send them back to the home office quickly without having wait until the end of the day when you are back at your desk? No typing - and you get your job done more efficiently!
Speech-enabling YOUR mobile app makes it quick and easy for your customers to shop online! Upwards of 83% of consumers are shopping online at least once a week. Its fast and easy---so why not make it even faster and even easier for your customers to shop on your site –by voice!
Speech-enabling mobile app helps inspire social engagement with your customers! More than 30% of consumers report checking in on the Facebook pages and Twitter feeds of retailers they frequent---and speech-enabling your app makes it easy for your customers to engage you on these channels, and just as easy for you to respond to your customers.
And you can add this awesome functionality to your existing iOS or Android app with the literally in minutes gives you access to the same core functionalities embedded within our own line of Mobile Apps, and we want to help make YOUR app more dynamic! Registration is free, and you can learn more here.

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